The Sema Construction Project 2013

Wat Phra-yort-keo Dhammayanaram invites the Laos, Thai, Australian and overseas Buddhists to faithfully join us in our auspicious construction of the 2013 Sema Post Project... finally declaring the boundaries of our great ordination hall.

Resting atop of 9 x Nimita Markers previously enshrined underground, the new Sema Posts serve as beautiful affirmation as well as prominent marking symbol for our sacred boundary. These ancient land-marking methods have been practiced since dawn of civilization and ensures lawful and official acknowledgement of religious landmarks.

Unlike any other spiritual land-marking Sema in existence, the designs were taken from a unique concept... to be beautifully spotlighted from 4 sides and set to be lit under the arch roofs... Once completed, each Sema stands over 3 meters tall, and within individual arch enshrined a gold Buddha statues of standing postures.

All are welcome to donate to this auspicious project. Donations can be made on site or by the phone number listed.
Thank you, Anumodana and Sadhu...